Accessibility Statement – Invest Porto Accessibility Statement - Introduction

  • This statement was last updated on January 17, 2024.
  • On our website, we prioritize making our products accessible to people with disabilities, and to achieve this, we work towards website accessibility through technological means.
  • Among our goals is to make the website accessible for individuals with disabilities.

The Plugin

To enhance website accessibility, we have implemented the “WP Accessibility” system (hereinafter referred to as “the Plugin,” see additional details below)

  • Through the Plugin, advanced accessibility solutions can be embedded on the website without making changes to the site’s code. Accessibility Level
  • The Plugin is an open-source code plugin developed with contributions from various individuals. It incorporates numerous adjustments but does not claim full compliance with regulations. Fixes and Adjustments Made
  • The adjustments are tailored for display on most browsers and also for use on mobile phones.
  • Additionally, through the Plugin, users can utilize features such as: a. Header handling; b. Text enlargement or reduction; c. Keyboard navigation; d. Description display for images; e. Color contrast adjustments on the site, and more, as detailed on the website. Exceptions
  • Despite our extensive efforts to make accessibility adjustments on the site, there may be pages where accessibility is not optimal (areas where accessibility does not function properly or has not been addressed). Contact Us
  • We would be happy to address any claims related to accessibility issues.
  • To facilitate addressing your claim, please provide a comprehensive description of the issue, the browser used, the page where you attempted an action that was unsuccessful, and similar details.
  • You can submit your claim through the following means: a. Phone: 0532-335-692 b. Email:

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