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Invest Porto welcomes your choice to browse the website operated at https://invest-porto.com/ (“the Site”).

The site is owned by Wizard Platforms (2015) Ltd., registration number 515287670 (hereinafter: “the Company” and/or “the Site Operator”).

Through the website, you can contact the Company to receive responses regarding its services, as detailed on the site from time to time, including investments in the city of Porto, property investment opportunities, opening local bank accounts and tax accounts, property sales in Porto, and more.


1.1.  Browsing the site is subject to the terms specified in these terms of use (“the Terms”). Please read the Terms carefully, as browsing the site and performing actions on it indicate your agreement to the terms included in the Terms. Additionally, the site reserves the right to change the Terms, from time to time, at its sole discretion and without prior notice. The effective date of the change will be from the moment of its publication on the site.

1.2. The provisions of these terms equally refer to both genders, and the use of the masculine and/or feminine form is for convenience only.

1.3. These terms apply to the use of the site and the content included in it through any computer or other communication device (such as a mobile phone, tablet, etc.). They also apply to the use of the site through the internet and through any other network or communication means.

1.4. Site browsing is intended for all ages; however, actions on the site by a minor under the age of 18 require parental or guardian approval.

1.5. If it is determined that a provision in these terms is unenforceable or invalid for any reason, it will not affect or impair the legality, validity, and enforcement of the other provisions of the terms.


Site Browsing: 

2.1. Browsing the site and exploring it do not require registration and are open to all users.

2.2. The site may prevent any user from using the site at its absolute discretion. Without limiting the above, the site may block access in any of the following cases:

2.2.1. If intentionally incorrect details were provided when submitting information on the site.


2.2.2. In case the site is used to perform or attempt to perform an illegal act according to the laws of the State of Israel, or an act that appears on its face to be illegal, or to enable, facilitate, assist, or encourage the commission of such an act;


2.2.3. If these terms of use are violated;

2.2.4. If the site is used for the purpose of competing with the site;


2.2.5. If any action is taken by a user that prevents others from browsing and using the site in any way.


Services Presented on the Site:

3.1. The services offered by the site will appear and be displayed on the site pages – investments and property location in Porto, property sales in Porto, opening tax files and bank accounts in Portugal, and more.

3.2. The site is not obligated in any way to provide a variety of services.

3.3. The site may change the variety of services displayed on the site, replace them, or add to them without any prior notice.

3.4. The presentation of services on the site is at the sole discretion of the site.

3.5. To use the site’s services, it is necessary to leave details on the site, and a site representative will contact the customer for further communication.

Site Responsibility:

4.1. The information on the site should not be considered a guarantee of any result and/or responsibility for the manner of operation of the services offered therein. The site will not be liable for any direct or indirect damage caused to the user as a result of relying on information appearing on the site and/or links to other sites and/or any other internal and/or external source of information and/or using the services presented by it.

4.2. Any information or calculation on the site is for illustrative purposes only, and it should not be relied upon absolutely. Calculations may provide an indication of estimated yields and are not binding on the site and/or the company.

4.3. Do not rely on the information on the site and the examples provided therein. The user declares that he is aware that the real estate market may change, and therefore, he must verify the most up-to-date data himself. When contacting the site, he waives the site’s responsibility after examining the offered properties and/or services and finding them satisfactory.

4.4. Information and presentations about services presented on the site, originating from business partners of the site whose services are featured on the site (if featured), and any content related to services, are the sole responsibility of the business partners as mentioned. Therefore, it is understood that the site has no responsibility for such information and the site does not guarantee the accuracy of such information.

4.5. The site will not be responsible for any damage (direct or indirect), loss, mental distress, or expenses incurred by users and/or any third parties due to the use or reliance on any content, information, data, presentation, image, video, audio, advertisement, product, service, etc. appearing on the site. Any reliance as mentioned is made at the sole discretion and exclusive responsibility of the user on the site.

4.6. In no case will the site be responsible for any damage caused to the site user through contact with its business partners.

4.7. The site recommends that users exercise caution, read carefully the information presented on the site, and in general, the information regarding the service itself, its description, and suitability, as described below.

4.8. The contents on the site are provided as-is. They cannot be adapted to the needs of each individual. The user will not have any claim, demand, or requirement against the site regarding the features of the content, their capabilities, limitations, and/or their adaptation to his needs.

4.9. The site in its entirety, including all the information within it, is provided to the public as-is, and it will be accurate and correct as much as possible. However, the information may not be complete or alternatively, technical or other errors may occur in the information.

4.10. The use of the site will be at the sole and full responsibility of each user. Any decision regarding the content published on the site is the full responsibility of the user. The site does not commit that third-party contents and services, including those of content and service providers, appearing on the site, will be complete, accurate, legal, or meet the expectations and requirements of any user. The site will not be responsible for any result arising from them, or their use, or reliance on them.

Site Usage:


5.1. The use of the site is allowed for personal and private purposes only. It is prohibited to copy, use, or allow others to use, in any way, content from the site, including on other websites, electronic advertisements, print advertisements, etc., for any purpose, whether commercial or non-commercial, not for personal and private use, except with explicit prior approval and/or consent and in writing for any commercial activity, and subject to the terms of the agreement and/or terms of use for commercial users.

5.2. It is prohibited to operate or enable the operation of any computer application or any other means, including software such as Crawlers Robots and the like, for the purpose of search, scanning, copying, or automatic retrieval of content from the site. In general, it is not allowed to create and use means as mentioned for the purpose of creating a collection, database, or repository containing content from the site.

5.3. It is prohibited to display content from the site in any way, including using any software, device, accessory, or communication protocol that alters their design on the site or removes any content, particularly advertisements and commercial content.


5.4. Do not link to the site from any site containing pornographic content, content that promotes racism or objectionable defamation, or content that is contrary to the law or encourages activities that are contrary to the law.

5.5. Do not link to content from the site that is not the home page of the site (“deep link”), and do not display or publish such content in any other way, unless the deep link is to an entire web page on the site and can be viewed and used in exactly the same way as on the site. In this context, it is prohibited to link to content from the site, detached from the internet pages where they appear on websites (for example, it is prohibited to link directly to an image or graphic file on the site, but only to the full page where they appear). Additionally, the accurate address of the internet page on the site should be displayed in the regular place designated for it in the user interface, for example, in the address bar of the user’s browser. The address should not be altered, distorted, or hidden, and should not be replaced with any other address.

5.6. The site is authorized to request the cancellation of any deep link at its sole discretion, and in this case, no claim, demand, or lawsuit will be raised against the site in this matter.
5.7. The site will not be responsible for any damage caused as a result of any link to content from the site or any display or advertisement of such content in any other way. The full and exclusive responsibility for any link, display, or publication of the content lies with the party making the link.

5.8. Users should indemnify the site, its employees, managers, business partners, or representatives for any damage, loss, loss of profit, payment, or expense incurred by them—including attorney fees and legal expenses—due to a violation of the terms of use. Additionally, the user will indemnify the site, its employees, managers, or representatives for any claim, demand, and/or lawsuit filed against them by any third party as a result of the content submitted by the user for publication on the site and as a result of links made to the site.


Changes to the Site, Malfunctions, and Service Disruptions:


6.1. Without derogating from the above, the site is authorized to change the structure of the site, and/or its appearance and/or design, and their scope and availability. The site may charge a fee for such content and services as it sees fit. The site is also authorized to change any other aspect related to the site, all without the need for advance notice.

6.4. The site does not commit that its services will be uninterrupted, provided in order, without interruptions, free of errors, and immune from unauthorized access to the site’s computers or from damages, disruptions, malfunctions, or failures—in both hardware, software, lines, and communication systems at the site or at its providers.


Intellectual Property:


7.1. All copyright and intellectual property rights belong solely to the site or to third parties who have granted the site permission to use content, including its business partners.

7.2. It is prohibited to copy, distribute, publicly display, perform publicly, transmit to the public, modify, process, create derivative works, sell, or rent any part of the above, directly or indirectly, electronically, mechanically, optically, by photocopying or recording, or by any means and method, with or without the consent in writing and in advance from the site or the owners of the relevant rights, as applicable, and subject to the terms of the agreement (if provided). This provision also applies to any processing, editing, or translation done by the site to content submitted or provided by users to the site.

7.3. If and to the extent that consent is given as mentioned, one must refrain from removing, deleting, or disrupting any notice or sign regarding intellectual property rights, such as copyright markings (©), trademarks (®), or any other signs accompanying the content for which such use is made.

7.4. Trademarks, images, content, and advertising of the business partners of the site (if any) are the property of these advertisers only. Usage of these items is prohibited without the prior written consent of the advertisers and subject to any terms provided.


Copyright and Intellectual Property Infringement:

8.1. We respect the copyrights and intellectual property rights of others. If you believe that information or content on the site infringes your intellectual property rights, please contact us using the contact details at the bottom of this agreement.




9.1. Only the laws of the State of Israel shall apply to this agreement, and the rules of international law shall not apply.

9.2. The courts in the jurisdiction of Petah Tikva shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any matter arising or related to this agreement.




10.1. The site adheres to legal provisions and respects the privacy and goodwill of the site’s users and others. If you believe that content published on the site harms you in any way, please contact us using the details below, and we will do our best to address your inquiry promptly. Such inquiries can be sent using the following methods: Address: Ha’Avoda 11, Rosh HaAyin, 4801761 Phone: 0532-335-692 Email: admin@invest-porto.com



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